Very rarely an artist has the ability to capture the essence of the light and dark moments we all feel in life, with the formula of finding release intergrated into the music realm. Panos Kappos has been blessing the lives of many throughout the globe, with what he calls his musical ministry. His vision and quest for his own forum of originality has brought forth a great array of bookings in the USA and Canada. Remaining humble and grounded has been the driving force in Panos's life. Continuing to donate his talents to numerous non-profit organizations, private events, street performing and church ministries,has kept him focused on what's most important: His mission and spiritual walk, which is to inspire, heal, encourage, and teach this generation about love, forgiveness, and compassion through song. Panos Kappos continues to put out art that stretches the boundaries and the norm. His love for God & Jesus, and serving is what keeps him authentic and growing as an artist. 

  2 Timothy 2:20-21-" In a large house there are not only things made of gold and silver, but also things made of wood and clay. Some things are used for special purposes, and others are made for ordinary jobs. All who make themselves clean from evil will be used for special purposes. They will be made holy, useful to the Master, ready to do any good work."